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    Precolumbian dating back to

    Like the ancient civilizations of the Old World, those in the New World were characterized by kingdoms and empires, great monuments and cities, and refinements in the arts, metallurgy, and writing; the ancient civilizations of the Americas also display in their histories similar cyclical patterns of growth and decline, unity and disunity.In the New World the roots of civilization lay in a native and the first experimentations by the early Americans with plant cultivation.The collection includes Costa Rica's first coin, the Media Escudo which was minted in 1825, animal (notably frog) figurines, amulets, earrings, erotic statuettes and El Guerrero, a life sized gold warrior figure adorned with gold ornaments in a glass case.In Costa Rican history, gold was considered a symbol of authority and the items are testament to the craftmanship of the Pre-Columbian period.However, older sites dating back to 20,000 years ago have been discovered, and genetic studies estimate the colonization of the Americas dates from between 40,000 to 13,000 years ago.Also, not just one, but multiple waves of immigration have been suggested.The the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an archaeological site, called Las Bolas on the Diquis Delta, is located in Palmar Sur in the Osa region of Puntarenas that has an assortment of over three hundred petrospheres dating back to 300 AD.

    Evidence shows a marked increase in pottery working by 2300 B. and the beginning of intensive corn farming between 18 B. Between 1800 and 300 BC, complex cultures began to form.The pre-Columbian history of the territory now comprising contemporary Mexico is known through the work of archaeologists and epigraphers, and through the accounts of the conquistadors, clergymen, and indigenous chroniclers of the immediate post-conquest period.While relatively few documents (or codices) of the Mixtec and Aztec cultures of the Post-Classic period survived the Spanish conquest, more progress has been made in the area of Mayan archaeology and epigraphy.[1] Human presence in the Mexican region was once thought to date back 40,000 years based upon what were believed to be ancient human footprints discovered in the Valley of Mexico, but after further investigation using radioactive dating, it appears this is untrue.Some items are Pre Columbian, some from the Colonial era; and of recent, it show-cases 1987 Nobel Peace Prize.or the Gold Room is located in the north-east tower near the ‘Colonial Home’ which displays furnishings and items from the 18th century.

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