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    (It was also, as writer Bryan Cogman explains in an interview with Once Sansa was engaged to Ramsay, it would have been a cop-out to play this storyline any other way. Season 3 debuted in 2008, making Emily 16 at the time and Jason, 31.

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    Cache invalidation is a process in a computer system whereby entries in a cache are replaced or removed.It can be done explicitly, as part of a cache coherence protocol.Note: the most important thing is for the application to invalidate the session on the server side.Generally this means that the code must invoke the appropriate methods, e.g., Http Session.invalidate() in Java and Session.abandon() in . Clearing the cookies from the browser is a nice touch, but is not strictly necessary, since if the session is properly invalidated on the server, having the cookie in the browser will not help an attacker.We are using DD4T 2.0 in our MVC application with Tridion 2013 SP1 as CMS. Apache MQ package to our application with below setting @Neil- Tridion object cache get invalidated using RMI but the cache which DD4T 2.0 builds on top of object cache doesnot get invalidated.Since DD4T 2.0 does not support RMI based cache invalidation, we setup JMS based cache invalidation with Apache MQ. In DD4T 1.3, there was a mechanism where it keeps on polling broker for an update to invalidate its cache.If you do not want the application to wait until the application's message queue has no other messages, use the Update Window function to force the WM_PAINT message to be sent immediately.If there is any invalid part of the client area, Update Window sends the WM_PAINT message for the specified window directly to the window procedure.

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    However, as of 2012, approximately half of all marriages ended in divorce, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Until recently, such agreements were considered difficult to revoke.

    Lately, though, more courts are recognizing grounds for invalidity:, the wife of a Long Island real-estate developer convinced a judge to invalidate the prenup agreement she had signed with her husband four days preceding their 1998 wedding.

    This allows the user to change the figure by typing a number and view the results; these results are drawn as soon as there are no other messages in the application's message queue.

    WM_PAINT: hdc = Begin Paint(hwnd, &ps); Get Client Rect(hwnd, &rc); Set Map Mode(hdc, MM_ANISOTROPIC); Set Window Ext Ex(hdc, 100, 100, NULL); Set Viewport Ext Ex(hdc, rc.right, rc.bottom, NULL); Polyline(hdc, ppt, cpt); End Paint(hwnd, &ps); In this example, the NULL argument used by Invalidate Rect specifies the entire client area; the TRUE argument causes the background to be erased.

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