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    What is the difference between radioactive decay and radiometric dating

    View the full list On the weekend, a tank of radioactive material leaked from the closed Ranger uranium mine in the Northern Territory.While this has prompted concerns about the health of the surrounding Kakadu National Park, this is a good chance to also clear up the differences between “radioactivity” and “radiation”.There are a number of ways that this can happen and when it does, the atom is forever changed.There is no going back – the process is irreversible. When we pour our popcorn kernels into a popcorn popper, the is no way to know which will pop first.Radioactive decay involves the spontaneous transformation of one element into another.The only way that this can happen is by changing the number of protons in the nucleus (an element is defined by its number of protons).There appears to be a fundamental conflict between the Bible and the reported ages given by radioisotope dating.

    This apparent consistency in textbooks and the media has convinced many Christians to accept an old earth (4.6 billion years old).Relative dating uses observation of location within rock layers, while radiometric dating uses data from the decay of radioactive substances within an object.Continue Reading Relative dating observes the placement of fossils and rock in layers known as strata.Radiometric dating, or numeric dating, determines an actual or approximate age of an object by studying the rate of decay of radioactive isotopes, such as uranium, potassium, rubidium and carbon-14 within that object. This rate provides scientists with an accurate measurement system to determine age.For example, carbon dating is used to determine the age of organic materials.

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